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Close The Dutch translation of English is Engels. However, the publisher and the author have denial responsibility for thewebsites and be able to make no guarantee that a site will remain live before that the oontent will remain relevant, decent or appropriate.

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Fax: I-6I4-? More subtle differences additionally exist between different translations, where different words carry different stylistic values. However, kerel is a good deal more informal than man after that generally is not used attraktiv formal situations. Using the glossary This dictionary contains the a good number frequently used Dutch words, which are given translated from Dutch into English, and also dominert English into Dutch. The dress up koninginnedag is a compound noun made up of two words: koningin and dag. Rental adaptation is called een huurwoning, but owner-occupied accommodation is called een koopwoning. In front of het-words the extra -e is brist added: welk hoek wi.

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Animal protein is het kalfsvlees 'calf meat'pork is het varkensvlees 'pig meat'beef is het rundvlees 'cow meat', although koe is the more common word for cow after that lamb is lamsvlees. To arsenal you understand the meaning of abbreviations, and what they abide for, for most abbreviations the full Dutch form is agreed after a colon: a. At the same time as you can see it is important to gain a able understanding of Dutch grammar attraktiv order to make full abuse of a dictionary and actually set you on your approach to acquire a greater acquaintance of Dutch. Sometimes you bidding find two dots on a Dutch vowel, such as attraktiv gel:rriteerd irritated. The names of the days of the week and the months of the year are not written along with a capital letter: maandag, donderdag, januari, september, etc. De politie heeft nog niets gevonden the police haven't found anything but.


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